Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Do You Get themail on Wednesdays and Sundays?

Here are the lyrics to the song "Do You Get themail on Wednesdays and Sundays?"

Do You Get themail on Wednesdays and Sundays?

Gary Imhoff's got something new to say. Gary Imhoff has got something to say.

Larry Wissleberry has something to say. He’s a poet and a satirist and he’s oh so funny. Oh so funny.

Annie McCormick's got something to say. There's a dangling pedestrian "walk/don't walk" sign at Thomas
Circle. It's been hanging by its wire for a week or more. She's afraid it might drop and hurt someone. And rightly, yes rightly, she should be.

Ed Barron's got something to say.
You can be sure he has something to say.
He’ll tell you right after his morning constitutional walk
If he alters the route of his walk, will he have a constitutional amendment?
if so, does it need to be ratified by 2/3’s of the states?

Brad Hills is storytelling like no one else can. he's inviting you to Washington Storyteller Theatre. I'd go, if they'd have more Quicktimes clips on their web site. They sound like a great bunch of people.

Gwendolyn Mapp has something to say. Sergeant Ray Danieli will be leaving us after 34 years of service to the Metropolitan Police Department and the community. His retirement luncheon will be held at Maggiano’s Little Italy, 5333 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, on Thursday, November 18, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. A donation of $40.00 will includes the gift. Please call me, Sergeant Gwendolyn E. Mapp, 439-1246.

Laurie Collins shares good news about the DMV. Now there's someone who looks for silver linings. A great improvement over all those whining

Lea Adams has got something to say.
and she's a better satirist then most folks on tv today. almost all her satires are right on the mark. which makes them all the more funny, even if that doesn't rhyme.

Sara Cormeny has got something to say.
Seeing David Sobelsohn's Footlights-related posting reminded her that it's time for the theater season in DC to start back up — and she’s very excited! In that spirit she’d like to pass on some theater tips for those who haven't experienced “the scene” here yet. David has written a really good article on seeing theater on the cheap.

Dorothy Brizill's got something to say.
she calls the shots as she sees them.
most of the time she's right on the mark,
We could use a whole lot more Dorothy Brizill’s in this city.

Gabe Goldberg has got more common sense.
Than the people who come off as too intense.
A lot of folks just sit there on the fence.
Although being undecided ain't a statutory offense.

Dorinda White has got something to say. Women in Film and Video, Washington, DC, is hosting a one-day seminar called, “From Pitch to Screen: A Producer’s Master Class,” on Saturday, March 19, from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at the Jack Morton Auditorium of George Washington University, 805 21st Street, NW. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to take your television or film concept and get it on screen, then this is the seminar for you. Come and meet the industry players and professionals who can show you the ropes and explain the mysteries of getting your show seen and on the air. Executive producers from the Travel Channel, National Geographic, Discovery, and other major cable and film entities will be there to share info on how it’s done. Learn about: demystifying the process (or packaging the treatment); how to get the first break; anatomy of a production and more! A definite industry networking event you don’t want to miss. Registration and additional information can be found at or by calling 429-9438. You can also E-mail Dorinda White, VP Communications/Board Member, Women in Film and Video-DC, at for more info.

Brie Hensold has something to say about National Building Museum events. Enjoy a docent-led tour of this Museum exhibition that explores the monumental architecture and vibrant neighborhoods found in the nation’s capital. Free. Registration not required. Participants meet outside exhibition entrance on first floor.

Malcolm Wiseman is fighting for democracy right here in the world capital of democrac. Oops, someone forgot to spread it over here. Look around -- they spread it real thin over here.

Timothy Cooper's got something to say. He knows Malcolm Wiseman in the last verse. He's someone who is fighting for what's right. You go, tim. You're on the right track.

Kristen Barden has got something to say. She’s thanking the police for towing her car and not impounding it. now that’s someone with a talent for seeing silver linings. we could all learn a lot from kristen barden, yes we can, yes we can.

Lois Kirkpatrick, she snuck on to the list from the Fairfax Public Libraries. But who am I to talk, I live in Lanham, Maryland, and travel to DC each day with my passport, with my passport, with my passport.

Erich Martel's got something important to say about the schools and how they are today. Erich, you go, boy. is there an honest person left in this world? Yes, there’s at least one I can think right in this verse.

Joe Libertelli is inviting us to a conversation with Charles Ogletree. author of the book All Deliberate Speed. Thanks, Joe, you're doing us all some good. We need more folks like you in the hood, Joe Libertelli.

Evelyn Goodwin has something to say,
she has a basement apartment to rent near the zoo
it’s all happening near the zoo
you can believe it, you can believe it’s true.

Thanks, Joan Eisenstodt, for sharing your point of view. it made sense to me, although Wendy Blair has some good points, too.

Ralph Blessing is a stalwart poster on themail. He’s been chiming in for almost 8 years now. Give that guy a medal, won’t ya. Give him the keyboard to the city. He deserves the keyboard to the city. But please don’t buy a $2,000 keyboard. please don’t buy a $2,000 keyboard.

Alexander M. Padro has something to say. There’s a wine tasting fundraiser for “coaching for college." Coaching for College recruits volunteers to tutor and mentor students at Shaw Junior High School. Two adult tutor-mentors are matched with each student, so volunteers have flexibility in scheduling and each commit roughly two Saturdays per month.

i like Peter McGee's search for balance and creative solutions. We should all be searching for balance and creative solutions.

Stephen Hosmer would like to know if the Pyramid Bookstore on Georgia Ave is closed or reopened. and whether any stories relating to its status were done in any newspaper.
he would appreciate any info anyone can share with him.

Kathryn M. Sinzinger got something to say. i listen to what Kathryn m. Sinzinger has to say. she publishes The Common Denominator which is a fine newspaper deserving our support. What’s her common denominator? She’s honest, smart and cares about DC. Yes, she’s honest smart and cares about DC.

Phil Greene is looking to rent a moonbounce. He swears its for his kids and not himself. He works at the U.S. Dept. of Commerce where they have a huge aquarium in the basement i kid you not. And the shark feedings are nowhere near as mean as modern corporate tactics
Let's hope that moonbounce bounces our economy.

Rae Kelley needs a new vet for her cats
recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Shapiro is being silly again. from the spy museum to the national aquariem. I wonder if he giggles while he writes 'em. Yes, he probably giggles while he writes 'em.

Barbara Conn is teaching all entrepreneurs about computers and things that don't rhyme with entrepreneurs. The meetings are at Cleveland Park Library they're free, but you do have to register

Scott Pomeroy will tell you about events on U St. there's nothing quite like historic U St. if you ever need to find a rhyme for U St. you might as well end the line with U St.

Susie Cambria is the Director of Public Policy at DC Action for Children ( DC Action for Children is an independent, non-profit, multi-issue advocacy organization dedicated to improving conditions for children, youth and families in the District of Columbia.

Art Spitzer has something to say and he'll defend your right to say it, too. He does good work for the ACLU,
although I'm sometimes a bit ambivalent about the ACLU, they sometimes seem to get carried away, yes they do.

Charles Stevenson has something to say, And it's about a teen essay competition organized by Nightwolf Productions and Geotrees.Com, in cooperation with Pacifica Foundation's WPFW FM 89.3